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Timber Estimating "Take Off"

Allmat's estimating provides a time take off and timber estimating service to Architects, Builders, Carpenters and Owner Builders.

We can estimate...

  • Wall Frames – Studs, Noggins, Plates, Ribbon Plates, Lintels, Beams

  • Floor Joists – Joists, Blocking, Hardware, Glue, Flooring, Bearers

  • Roof Framing – Rafters & Roof Beams, Blocks, Counter Battens, Roof Battens, Ridge Beams, Ridge Boards, Collar Ties, Struts.

  • Fencing – Posts, Rails, Palings

  • Retaining Walls – Posts and  Sleepers (Whales), Cement, Bolts

  • Pergolas – Rafters, Pole Plates, Blocking, Beams, Hips

  • Decks – Decking, Joist Hangers, Floor Joists, Blocking, Bearers


Please use the online form on the right to get the ball rolling

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